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Since the 1940's, Aitken has been a manufacturer of dependable equipment designed for use in the oil, gas, petrochemical and pipeline industries.  During those years, Aitken's customer base has grown to include most major users throughout the United States and many foreign countries. This growth is a result of a total commitment to service and quality manufacturing.  

You will find experienced sales people with good product knowledge who understand your buying requirements and an expert engineering staff to help with design problems. Modern manufacturing methods and facilities together with dedicated customer service and support have made Aitken a prime supplier of many products below. 

~  Strainers - Temporary Cone and Basket Strainers, Tee Type Srainers, Vertical and Horizontal Permanent Line Strainers, Fabricated Duplex Strainers

~  Measurement Equipment - Orifice Meter Tubes, Orifice Plates, Oriface Flanges, Seal Pots, Flow Nozzles, Venturi Tubes, Low Loss Tubes, Straightening Vanes 

~  Major Products - Spectacle Blinds, Padle Blinds, Drip Rings, Bleed Rings, and Test Inserts, ASME Vessels, Launchers, Pipe Spools

Aaliant / Niagara Meters

Niagara Meters represents a complete line of flowmeters manufactured by Venture Measurement Co., LLC in Spartanburg, South Carolina. Niagara Meters has been widely used in the following industries since 1859: agriculture, food, beverage, tobacco, mining, oil & gas production, paper, petrochemical processing, plastics & rubber, pharmaceutical, and power generation. Niagara Meter's products include Nutating Disc, Oscillating Piston and Turbine technologies for use in industrial applications. Niagara positive displacement flowmeters offer versatile design and construction allowing user flexibility with different fluids. Several registers and transmitters are available to select the output needs of your application. The Niagara Turbine flowmeters’ durable design consists of one internal moving part and a sealed register to prevent condensation or fogging. Niagara Meters also offers a line of strain gage flowmeters, ultrasonic level measuring devices, and magmeters.


Elster American Meter

Looking to the future, Elster American Meter continues to invest in the development of innovative products and services for the natural gas industry. These investments will assure that we are able to continue to provide our customers with the very best value in gas measurement and control.


Blue White Industries

Blue-White Industries is a leading manufacturer of metering pumps(diaphragm, peristaltic), flowmeters (variable-area, paddlewheel), and water treatment accessories.


Elster AMCO Water

Located in Ocala, Florida, Elster AMCO Water is part of Elster Group, the world’s largest measurement and communications technology provider for gas, electricity and water industries. Elster AMCO Water is an industry leader in the development and implementation of innovative electronic metering solutions to the water industry and is committed to delivering superior customer service and high quality products.


Industrial Plants

Utilize Byo-Gon PX-109® Organic to greatly enhance wastewater treatment operations. Realize benefits in permit compliance, solids reduction, odor control, and plant stability. Regain treatment capacity by enhancing biological performance.

Treatment Plants

Realize benefits in collection system FOG and odor control, sludge reduction, and increased digester gas production. Byo-Gon PX-109® Organic is a proven tool to assist operators in achieving compliance at the least possible cost.

Eurotherm Chessell


Eurotherm Chessell is a world leader in data acquisition and recorder solutions.

Spirax Sarco EMCO


Spirax Sarco is the leading global provider of high quality products for the control and efficient use of steam and other industrial fluids. As a customer of Spirax Sarco, you will benefit from our unrivalled industrial and application expertise and our global commitment to providing the superb service and ongoing support your business needs to achieve sustainable success.

Elster Instromet


Whether it’s regulation, metering, data collection, data transfer or evaluation, Elster offers solutions for every application – customized to the specific needs of each individual customer – either as single components or complete systems.


Products include; Gas Regulating, Mechanical Flow Metering, Smart Metering, Ultrasonic Flow Metering, Integrated Metering Solutions, Gas Analysis Equipment, Volume converters / Flow computers, Station controller, Data loggers, Data communication, Software, and Gas Piping Systems.



ITT Conoflow serves the chemical processing, food and beverage, petroleum, medical, pulp and paper and other industries through an extensive network of stocking distributors and factory trained regional managers.


We design and manufacture natural gas vehicle (NGV), low pressure and high pressure regulators along with filter and specialty regulators. Our positioners, transducers, actuators and diaphragm seals come in a wide variety of materials and configurations to meet your broad range of applications.



Flowline enables industrial manufacturers, municipalities and chemical distributors to safely and efficiently manage their contained liquid assets. Our quality solutions measure tank inventories, automate tank processes, ensure workplace safety and protect the environment. We design, manufacture and market the best level measurement and control instruments for your chemical, water and wastewater applications. Flowline products are sold and supported worldwide through our stocking distribution partners. Customers include design engineers, system integrators, original equipment manufacturers, facility management and maintenance decision makers. The leading criteria for product selection are reliability, performance and ease of use. We do your level best through our commitment to customer satisfaction and continuous improvement.

Kobold Group


For more than 30 years, KOBOLD has been a world leader in process measurement and control solutions. The company offers one of the industry’s broadest lines of sensors, switches and transmitters to measure and control flow, pressure, level and temperature.


KOBOLD sensors and controls include:

  • Flowmeters, flow switches and flow transmitters

  • Pressure gauges, pressure transmitters and pressure switches

  • Level switches, float switches, level gauges, level transducers, level indicators and level transmitters

  • Temperature switches, temperature gauges and temperature transmitters

  • Accessories, including magnetic filters, needle valves, regulating valves, control devices and relays



Dwyer Instruments, Inc. produces a broad range of competitively priced precision instruments for measuring, transmitting and controlling pressure, temperature, level and flow.

Fluidic Techniques


Fluidic Techniques began operations in 1973 furnishing Flow Elements for large projects worldwide including Chemical & Petrochemical Plants, Refineries, Power Generation Plants, LNG Plants and Pulp & Paper Mills. We are the industry leader in the design and manufacture of Primary Flow Elements. Our wide range of products includes Orifice Plates & Orifice Flanges, AGA Orifice Plate Meter Runs, ASME Flow Nozzles & Flow Nozzle Meter Runs, ASME PTC-6 Flow Nozzle Test Sections, ASME/ISO Venturi Tubes, Fluidic Techniques' proprietary HHR Flow Tube, HHR FlowPaks and Accessories such as Condensate Chambers, Straightening Vanes, Flow Conditioners and other items.

Located in the Dallas Fort Worth area, our 36,000 square foot, modern manufacturing facility houses state of the art machining and welding equipment specially equipped for the precision manufacture of Primary Flow Elements. The facility is fully integrated with ten manufacturing bays, 20 tons of crane capacity, 28 machines, manual and CNC, capable of up to 60" turning radius and 16 welding machines including Stick, Wire, Submerged Arc and TIG. Also included are 20,000 pounds of power rolling equipment capable of handling up to 84" diameter.

L&J Technologies


Spirax Sarco is the leading global provider of high quality products for the control and efficient use of steam and other industrial fluids. As a customer of Spirax Sarco, you will benefit from our unrivalled industrial and application expertise and our global commitment to providing the superb service and ongoing support your business needs to achieve sustainable success.

Macnaught Meters


Established in 1948 by Colin Macnaught, Macnaught Pty. Ltd. is a 100% Australian-owned company based in Turrella, Sydney, which designs and manufactures a wide range of high quality equipment for the lubrication and fluid transfer industries including grease pumps and guns, oil pumps and guns, fuel pumps, hose reels and flow meters. These products are sold into the agricultural, industrial, automotive, mining, aviation and marine industries around the world. Macnaught has built a strong reputation for designing and manufacturing innovative, high quality, durable products that are well supported with technical advice and service.

OI Analytical


O.I.Corporation, dba OI Analytical, provides innovative products used for chemical analysis. We develop, manufacture, sell, and service analytical instruments that detect, measure, analyze, and monitor chemicals in liquids, solids, and gases. We also provide products used to digest, extract, and separate components of chemical mixtures.

SMAR International


O.I.Corporation, dba OI Analytical, provides innovative products used for chemical analysis. We develop, manufacture, sell, and service analytical instruments that detect, measure, analyze, and monitor chemicals in liquids, solids, and gases. We also provide products used to digest, extract, and separate components of chemical mixtures.

Meriam Instruments


The Meriam family sold the Meriam Instrument Company to the Scott & Fetzer Company in 1969. Today Meriam remains a Scott Fetzer Company. Meriam manufactures reliable and accurate process measurement instrumentation including mechanical and electronic pressure indicators, analog and digital pressure transmitters, primary flow elements, handheld pressure, temperature and loop calibrators, handheld HART communicators, process indicators and complete flow systems.


Meriam products are used around the world in industries as diverse as Chemical, Petrochemical, Oil & Gas, Utilities, Automotive and Laboratory. Today, the company is recognized as a leading supplier of instrumentation and test and calibration equipment, utilizing the latest advances in technology and design while delivering superior performance. We are committed to providing uncompromising quality products with an impeccable support experience.

Precision Digital


Established in 1974, Precision Digital Corporation designs, develops, manufactures, sells and distributes digital devices driven by embedded systems that transform, display and control critical process information. Our products can be located virtually anywhere in the plant; from the control room to Class I Div 1 areas (both explosion-proof and intrinsically safe). They will accept virtually any analog signal such as 4-20 mA, thermocouple, RTD, DC voltage and pulse as well as digital serial data, such as Modbus. Products include Digital Panel Meters, PID Process and Temperature Controllers, Annunciators, Multi-Channel Controllers, Loop-powered Indicators, Flow Rate Meters and Totalizers, Batch Controllers and Pump Controllers.

Sparling Instruments


Sparling Instruments has been a leader in fluid flow measurement for over 100 years.  From our factory and design center in El Monte, California, we deliver meters to meet our customers’ lead times and technical specifications, solving their flow measurement needs for municipal and industrial environments.


Our technologies include electromagnetic meters, propeller meters, vortex meters and positive displacement meters.  As we produce the majority of our products in our vertically integrated manufacturing facility, we are generally able to meet quick turnaround times and to customize designs as needed. All of our flow meters are tested and certified in flow labs that are NIST traceable.



In 2003 Waltron celebrated its 100th anniversary as one of the world's oldest, most experienced water chemistry companies. We were started in 1903 by chemists who introduced drinking water chlorination to a range of clients before the first city-wide chlorination system in the US was installed. Since then we have been at the forefront of many technical innovations including:


  • The first modern boiler water treatment

  • The first successful chemical treatment of large land-based desalination plants

  • Ultraviolet drinking water purifiers whose performance resulted in the first acceptance of UV by the US Public Health Service

  • The first widely used oil pollution monitor

  • Management of the first nuclear water chemistry program on a commercial ship

  • A founder of the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA)

  • A founder of the American Council of Independent Laboratories



WIKA is the world's leading instrumentation company, with unmatched expertise in building gauges and sensors to measure pressure, temperature, and fluid levels. WIKA combines its technical capabilities with a commitment to customer service and quality manufacturing – providing reliable, accurate instrumentation to a diverse array of industries. Founded in 1946, WIKA is and employs more than 7,300 people worldwide.



Obvius is a recognized leader of cost-effective hardware solutions for gathering energy information through Wireless Solutions, Data Acquisition, High Power Modbus, Analog and Pulse Communications.

The company’s AcquiSuite™ and AcquiLite™ data acquisition servers offer a scalable solution for any energy monitoring application, including the ability to access and configure devices through ANY web browser. All Obvius products are manufactured in the USA maintaining a high standard of quality and reliability.

Sage Metering


Sage Metering is an innovative manufacturer of high performance thermal mass flow meters for gas flow measurement. The company has brought to market the first thermal mass flow meter to utilize graphical displays, a hybrid digitally driven circuit and the industry’s first in-situ calibration verification system. These state-of-the-art award–winning features deliver the highest performance, reliability and confidence for any thermal flow meter user.

Van London Company


Van London Company (“VLC”) was founded in 1961 by Gregory (“Greg”) S. Van London as a distributor focused mainly on the end-users of liquid analytical equipment. Greg possessed a special dedication to providing products and services which met, and in many cases, exceeded customers’ expectations. VLC housed a full machine shop, QC Department and Assembly Department that afforded VLC the ability to customize and improve upon the products purchased from other manufacturers.

Not being satisfied with the delays and in-flexibility of then-available manufacturing companies, Greg opened pHoenix Electrode Company in 1975 as a complete manufacturing facility for electrodes. It boasted a full machine shop, a glass blowing department and the entire production line that allowed for complete manufacturing of special, custom and direct replacement electrodes.


The two sister-companies complimented each other perfectly. Each maintained the constant commitment to provide a quality product in a time-efficient manner that exactly met the individual needs of the customer. VLC remained focused on the end-users with a specialty in harsh industrial environments and provided the knowledge and experience to pHoenix Electrode Company which launched into the international laboratory and OEM markets.


With the world becoming more of a “Global Economy” it was only logical when in 2007, VLC announced the merger of the two sister companies creating Van London – pHoenix Company (“VL-PC”). Today, VL-PC is under the direct leadership of Kurt L. Van London, son of Gregory Van London. We serve the following world-wide industries; Industrial, Laboratory, Biotech, Food and Beverage, Pharmaceutical, Municipalities, Waste Water Treatment and a host of others. Our product lines include pH, Dissolved Oxygen (“DO”), Conductivity, Ion Selective (“ISE”), Karl Fisher, Chlorine, and Oxidation Reduction Potential (“ORP”). We offer Direct Replacements for most major brands.

Every facet of VL-PC and its manufacturing is located in Houston, Texas, USA. We are a 100% family owned business and employ approximately 120 employees. We are also a registered Small Business allowing us to contribute to larger corporation’s needs for diversity procurement fulfillment.




Gayesco International, LP is a world-renowned, quality manufacturer of temperature measurement instruments and specializes in multipoint thermocouple systems, tubeskins and other related applications.


Formed in 1958, Gayesco has become the trusted name for thermocouples, resistance temperature detectors (RTDs), and accessories in the petrochemical, refining and process industries with their custom-designed, customer-oriented approach to manufacturing and their commitment to service after the sale.


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