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Economy Power & Instrument, Inc. was formed and established in 1970 by Jerry Moss and Lee Lewis. The business was a break away from Economy Equipment Co. Much of the same type of representative sales and marketing were performed and established back then that is still done today. Jerry and Lee hit the road running when they started the business and instrumentation primarily focused for the boiler room and power industries.


Although there are many similarities in how the business was run originally and how we operate today, there are some major differences in the focus of our business today. Instrumentation has exhibited numerous new developments, and we have expanded considerably by the areas in which EPI works in. With the rapid advancements in the world of control instrumentation, and the event of the microprocessor and personal computer age the complexion of the business has evolved. With those developments, EPI has adjusted to these changes and offers a complete array of "Smart" instrumentation and computer compatible equipment. In fact, Fieldbus and Profibus products offer the latest in digital field communications which we will see more of in the near and distant future of instrumentation and controls...we offer both buses now on some products.


Economy Power & Instrument strives to work initially with the Engineering and Technical personnel with the information, specifications and support they require. Then typically follow-up support is the next step in the project process and an integral part of the instrument selection. This support usually entails literature and submittal documentation and then operations manuals for the equipment operator or technicians.


We do carry some equipment in stock and on the shelf, but much of the equipment we represent comes under the heading of "engineered products", which are built for the individual order. Often times in fact the products may require special features or performance characteristics. This is normally not a problem when the manufacturer agrees to the special construction features or requirements.


Our specialty is to be a "solutions provider" that will assist in the instrumentation, selection, specification, and application process. If you are having a problem with a control application requiring flow measurement, level control, temperature control or the data acquisition or control room instruments, we want to help assist with your specific need.

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